Auburn Tigers Slowing Down in Race for SEC West

trey nelsonContributor IOctober 1, 2008

Auburn, Alabama. The home of the great Auburn Tigers.

Well, I don't know about you, but the Tigers are not looking so great. They started out strong, but this whole new spread offense is looking like its spread out of points and can't produce anything else.

The Tigers, a team that has had a very successful run in the SEC and is always at the top of the list, are actually falling. Their most heart-breaking loss came in the Tiger Bowl in Auburn against SEC rival and powerhouse LSU. Another sign of struggle was the humiliating Miss State victory, in which the Tigers barely beat the Bulldogs in a shocking 3-2 win.

Coach Tommy Tuberville is showing some major awareness that his team is slipping in the SEC. Whether that means he is working on improvement, well, let's hope so.

The controversy over the quarterback situation with Kodi Burns and Chris Todd has a lot of people upset. Whichever guy comes out and says "hut" for this team is going to have problems, because they'll be dealing with an offense that is sort of—how should I say?—DEAD.

Auburn has got to get its offense going, because the defense they have can't hold things forever. If Auburn is going to finish the season and be a factor in the SEC, it needs to take that spread and "spread" around for some help to get the Tigers back on the prowl.