Tennessee Volunteers Are Playing Like Volunteers

trey nelsonContributor IOctober 1, 2008

Tennessee, the team that is known and hated by just about all in the SEC. The Vols are a team in the SEC that is well-established, having a national championship and quiet a few bowl game victories under their belt.

This season, though, is not looking too hot. The team started with another loss just as last season to a California team, making the SEC look bad. Tennessee has got to step back up and play southern football like it used to.

Phil Fulmer has got to get this program back in shape and back to being rough and tough. The 2008 season will most likely not be a good one for the Vols, but hopefully they can take their experiences from the year and use that as energy to become a better program if they want to become a competitor in what is arguably the hardest conference in football.

The Vols are the Volunteers; I think that they don't have a team and they are playing like they actually have volunteer players! All I can say is that Tennessee has to do something because, if not, they will become a scab team in the nation and the country's favorite tackling dummy.