Biran's Back!

JerseySenior Analyst IOctober 1, 2008

To the chagrin of some Yankee fans, Brian Cashman will be returning as GM, and he's staying for a while. Some people feel he is to blame for their poor season, and wanted him out. But I think the Steinbrenners actually did the right move by not having a knee-jerk reaction, and sticking with their man.

Look, I know the Yankees underachieved, but they still managed to finish with the fourth-best record in the AL. Not bad for a team that lost its ace and starting catcher for almost the entire year. Johan Santana could have helped us this year, but you know Yankee fans would be complaining in three years, when Phil Hughes is lights-out in Minny, and Johan is earning ace money to be our third starter. I know the team is old, but some bad contracts are coming off the books this year, and the Yanks will be back again. They can sign CC Sabathia or A.J. Burnett without giving up a star prospect; they can bring in a Mark Teixeira without blowing up their farm system. And with nearly 80 million bucks coming off the payroll, the Yanks can afford to make these moves without further hampering our economy.

The team's been declining a while, and Cashman is putting a plan in place to ensure that it can land on its feet. It's only fair to let him live out at least part of that plan. Are old contracts coming back to bite hime? Yes. But they still were pretty good, contending for the playoffs until the very end of the season, and those bad contracts are about to disappear. Cashman spent last year building for the future so that he wouldn't be haunted by bad signings again. That speaks volumes: he's not just using the Yankees' money, but getting the most he can out of their minor-league affilliates.

However, I wonder: had the Yankees decided to can Cashman, who would they have hired instead?