11 Man Strong: The top league defense makes a goal-line stop to win it

Michael GoinsContributor IOctober 1, 2008

Seeking to recover from two losses that had been taken away in the fourth quarter both games the bears hosted a 2-1 Philadelphia Eagles team that had a top notch defense but the bears were determined to show their strength.The bears put a McNabb offense to a three and out quick,but the bears started out on offense the best the have done in a while with Orton connecting to Greg Olsen for a touchdown.But,the eagles returned right back with a score of their own with McNabb throwing a precision throw to the rookie Desean Jackson to make the score 7-7.The Bears went three and out on their next drive only to have the rookie make a "rookie mistake" by fumbling the ball on a punt.Later to let Orton connect with booker in the end-zone.14-7 the eagles came right back with Buckhalter to run in a one yard touchdown run.Finally the bears found their mark with just not only the passing game but with the running game Hester catching his first receiving touchdown this season the bears went into halftime with a 21-14 lead over the eagles but would the eagles bounce back?With Kyle Orton throwing three touchdowns in the first half a career high.The bears came out at half time to only throw an interception in the end-zone with the bears defense fighting hard they only held the eagles to six points but that erased the seven point lead to a one point lead but once again the bears showed life going down the field to put three points on the board.Once again the bears looked like they were going to lose in the fourth quarter like they did for two consecutive weeks with three downs left the bears need to make a stop they stopped them two downs now two more to go they make another stop once again.Fourth and one the bears stopped them.To come out with a nail-biting finish the bears now move on to a 0-3 lions team who swept the bears last season but the bears are now tied for first place can they keep the momentum to carry them to another Superbowl?