The Many Faces Of Charlie Haas

Brian IgnacioContributor IOctober 1, 2008

I think Charlie Haas is finally making a name for himself (or should I say many names for himself) with his new gimmick. He is actually getting crowd reaction now.

At first I thought this gimmick of his wouldn't last very long or would fail before it would even get started, but seeing as he has been doing this now for the past month or two must be a sign that the WWE is going to let him roll with this, and see how far he can take this character.

I'm sure he will eventually find one character that will work with the fans, and stick to it. Here is a list of wrestlers Charlie Haas has impersonated these past few months:

The Great Charli (Great Khali)

Jim Haas (Jim Ross)

Mr. Perfect


Charlie Marella (Santino Marella) He recently impersonated him on a Raw house show at Arkansas.

Charlito (Carlito)

John Cena

Hacksaw Jim Duggan  He impersonated him on the recent tour in Europe.

So who will be the next person Charlie Haas will impersonate next week, or at No Mercy? Since i'm from Vegas, my odds are that he will be The Undertaker since that's rather an easy character to copy. Who do you think Charlie will be next, leave a comment.