Santino Marella and His Honk-A-Meter

Brian IgnacioContributor IOctober 1, 2008

I am really interested to see if Santino Marella will actually beat Honky Tonk's IC title reign of 64 weeks. I like this heel a lot. He is very entertaining to watch. His promos are always hilarious, and his in ring matches are all comedic.

So for him to actually pull this off, he would have to fight off jobbers every week, or get himself disqualified or counted out in all his matches to retain his title, which I see him doing if up against the mainstream competitors.

It would be a waste for him to lose the title one week shy of tying or equaling the "Honka Donka Man's" record because I think Santino deserves it for being such a great character in the WWE. He has gone a long way from his Good Guy days. He definitely fits being a heel in the company. So watch out you "Sonama Gun."