Las Vegas Life

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Las Vegas Life
Do you ever dream of moving to a certain city or a different part of the world? Not a place you think you would like to visit or live in but a place you know for a fact you could leave everything behind and move to. The one place on this Earth I can honestly say I could live in is Las Vegas.

So what does this have to do with sports? Well, it is the one city it which it is legal to place a bet on a sporting event. In fact, a certain percentage of Las Vegas's economy depends on sports (not sure what percentage). During football season, people go to Las Vegas just to be able to place bets. The city does not have a major pro team nor does it have a big time college football program (Obviously UNLV but I did say big time.), but if there was a place to go and get accurate information about sporting events it is Las Vegas.

The odds makers are not making the odds for fun, they depend on the most accurate information in order to produce odds that will hopefully pay off so the information they want is not the information ESPN provides. In fact, I would rather have the guys in Las Vegas do a poll than the yahoos who vote and put together the BCS rankings. The odds makers do this for a living so there would be less bias voting and more educated voting. So what does this have to do with me living the Las Vegas life?

In some form, I want to be involved in sports booking and not on the placing bets end of it either. My interest would be the research end of the business, which would put me in the heart of it. If I had the opportunity, I would probably pack up and leave right now but right now I would not know where to begin. Besides sports Las Vegas has many other reason why I would move there.

The city represents the U.S. economy and what it should stand for. Every hotel is competing to be the best and because of this, the city has evolved into a city that offers something for everyone. A person can go to Las Vegas and never put a penny in a slot machine and still have the time of his or her life. There are shows, clubs, and a theme for anyone and everyone. If you enjoy the beach you would love Mandalay Bay, if you want to live like a king you can stay at the Bellagio, whatever it is you enjoy Las Vegas has it. One day, I will be in Las Vegas working with the sports booking companies, but I am not sure when just yet.

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