Look for a More Balanced Attack vs. the Chargers

Rick BentzContributor IOctober 1, 2008

Look for the Dolphins to come at San Diego with a more balanced attack than they used on the Patriots two weeks ago.  The Chargers rushing defense is ranked 13th in the NFL compared with the Patriots ranking of 25th.  The Chargers are very solid up front with arguably the best nose guard in the game in Jamal Williams (not practicing this week so far due to knee issues).  One of the key facets of the spread is the threat up the middle and if San Diego takes that away the Dolphins would likely scrap that scheme for this game and this team.

I see close to a 40/60 mix of passing vs. running in this game.  I also see Ricky and Ronnie getting a fairly equal amount of carries.  Miami will definitely try the spread and probably add in some new wrinkles.  I am a University of Utah alumni and fan and I know through Urban Meyer's tour stop here as well as our current coaching staff that you can run all kinds of things out of the spread. I would look to see them do some end around stuff with Ginn Jr. as well as some screens and slants.  Mostly short, ball controlled passing. 

San Diego is a team that could easily be 4-0 right now.  Miami definitely has their work cut out for them especially on the defensive side but I think we will at least be competitive with them which is better than last year by a long shot!  The offensive line is starting to come together in run blocking but has a ways to go in passing.  They are young and will eventually be a good unit.  Go Phish!