Penn State: The Lions Are Out!

trey nelsonContributor IOctober 1, 2008

Penn State football—a product of the great Joe Paterno—has established itself in the most dominant way in college football. With the new "HD" offense compiling an amazing 249 points five weeks into the season, the Lions are making people talk about a potential BCS championship appearance.

Penn State has been an amazing team under the reign of the Lions' beloved Paterno, but this season they are at the front of the pack. If they continue with their success and the way these upsets are occurring, they could find themselves first in line on the road to the big game in Miami, ready to compete with whomever the opponent may be.

Despite Penn State's not-so-fantastic record on the road since 2003, the Lions look primed for a great season and are a true contender for any team in their path.