NCAA Bracket 2011, Barry Bonds, Tiger Woods and Monday's Midday Sports Buzz

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NCAA Bracket 2011, Barry Bonds, Tiger Woods and Monday's Midday Sports Buzz
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The NCAA tournament has just concluded the first weekend of play, but that's not the only hot sports topic in the news this Monday.

While Cinderella schools such as VCU and Butler and still dancing, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame and Purdue have busted up more than a few brackets.

As we get closer and closer to this year's Final Four, college basketball is not the only story of the day from the world of sports.

Barry Bonds is finally getting ready to step into the courtroom to begin his perjury trial. Although many charges have already been dropped, Bonds still faces some serious jail time if convicted.

Also, Tiger Woods has evidently put his divorce behind him, as it is being reported that he is dating a 22-year-old college student in Florida. It has been said that Woods is dating Alyse Lahti Johnston, who is the daughter of former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jeff Lahti.

If that isn't enough to get you excited to start the week, the New York Mets have finally released Oliver Perez; Jon Jones not only won his huge MMA match this weekend, but he also thwarted a robbery; and Matt Cooke may be suspended by the NHL once again following another vicious hit this weekend.

The NBA and NHL playoffs are determining their seeds, and the start of the 2011 MLB season is coming quickly. But as all of that continues, the NFL players and owners are nowhere near a new collective bargaining agreement.

I guess the more things change, the more they remain the same.

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