When will the raiders make the playoffs?

andrew deheerContributor IOctober 1, 2008

In the next few years or so they will.

the raiders have all the keys if McFadden can run like he did against Kansas City he can be great, if JaMarcus can limit his turnovers he be ok and if we can just learn to finish games were all right because Namdi Asmougha's side of the field is all ready locked down so once D. Hall improves just a little well be great. the one thing stopping us now is we fired Lane Kiffin i personally don't think that he was the problem i think our problem is Al Davis is too involved, too many penalties, and we ' able to score touchdowns in the end zone, and we always only have one big play and too many safe plays.

If we have all this happen,

Raiders record this year: 7-9

Raiders record next year: 9-7

Raiders record record in two years: 10-6 (playoff appearance)