UFC 128 Results: Nate Marquardt Pounds Hometown Dan Miller in Decision Win

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IMarch 19, 2011

"Control his posture Dan Miller," yelled one of Miller's cornermen nearly three minutes into the first round of Miller's fight with Nate Marquardt."

That statement characterized the next three rounds, as Miller found himself on the bottom of Marquardt's imposing figure, attempting guillotine chokes and kimuras to no avail.

Marquardt went on to a clear-cut 30-27 unanimous decision, in a very ground-oriented fight. With the win, Marquardt improves to 31-10, and 5-2 in his last seven fights.

Whether it was hometown jitters or his lack of preparation time for the fight, Miller was outclassed throughout the fight, being taken to the mat multiple times by the overpowering Marquardt.

Clearly outmatched by Marquardt's strength, Miller resorted to submission attempts and crisp but ineffective striking, and with the loss, drops to 15-6, losing four out of his last six fights.

The fight was very anti-climatic, with Marquardt taking the fight where he pleased for all three rounds. Marquardt hardly landed many punches, with his most effective damage coming from the top of Miller's guard. Yet, Miller remained game throughout, putting Marquardt in tough situations a few times with what appeared to be very tight guillotine attempts. Marquardt persevered though and rebounded from his loss to Yushin Okami which cost him a second title shot. 

From here, Marquardt maintains his top five position atop the middleweight rankings, while Miller will go back to the drawing board to question where he fits in the jam packed UFC middleweight class.


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