Toronto Raptors: Let Ed Davis Drive and Leave Andrea Bargnani in the Rear View

Justin BoninAnalyst IMarch 27, 2011

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According to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News, the Toronto Raptors are now reportedly open to trading Andrea Bargnani in the offseason. 




It seems the Toronto Raptors' head office has finally accepted the fact that DeMar DeRozan and Ed Davis are the future of this team.  Consequently, this makes Bargnani expendable considering the Raptors already have their backup PF in Amir Johnson who has a cheaper (albeit not by that much) price tag and a far more well-rounded game (as well as the desire to play).




I have been suggesting the Raptors trade Bargnani for some time now and I am glad to see that the option has finally come to the forefront.  It seems as if Andrea has mentally shut himself down for the season, and one could argue that his energy and motivation are at an all time low (à la Chris Bosh at the end of last season perhaps?).




In addition to the Bargnani rumors, Lawrence also adds that according to several league sources Bryan Colangelo will be back next season to run the team. 




Brace yourself, it gets worse…




According to Lawrence, with the possibility of Donnie Walsh leaving New York, there is a good chance that Mike D’Antoni will be out of a job next year.  If in fact Mike D’Antoni is looking for a job next year, Lawrence states that there is a good chance he may look to rejoin Bryan Colangelo (who he was paired with in Phoenix) and take over Jay Triano’s job as the head coach of the Toronto Raptors.




Here is the problem with that…





D’Antoni has had success with his offense first run 'n gun style in the past, most notably with the Phoenix Suns with whom he earned NBA Coach of the year honours not all that long ago. 

That being said, Toronto is not the place for Mike D’Antoni and his offense-first style of coaching.





If the Toronto Raptors want to get back in to the playoffs and have a chance of becoming NBA champs it is absolutely crucial that they improve their DEFENSE!




Trading Andrea Bargnani would certainly go a long way in improving their defense, especially in the post, but bringing in D'Antoni will completely negate these defensive improvements since he is a notorious offense-first coach.




D'Antoni's run 'n gun style is exactly what the Raptor must avoid if they plan on winning any time soon.




Being a run 'n gun team this year was fine because everyone knew Toronto would be a lottery team.  Remember everyone talking about how the Raptors would be a horrible team but their up-tempo style of play would very exciting to watch?—exactly my point!




Run 'n gun offense is perfectly fine during a down year in order to keep the fans energized and coming to games…




But now we are ready to move forward and build around DeMar DeRozan, Ed Davis and this year’s draft pick, as well as the complimentary pieces we will acquire by trading Andrea Bargnani (maybe trade him to the Nuggets for PG Raymond Felton?).




So let’s wave goodbye to Bryan Colangelo and Andrea Bargnani as we drive off in to the sunset with our potential packed young core!