Do The Red Sox Have It In Them To Beat The Angels?

Miguel VillamilContributor IOctober 1, 2008

Today the Boston Red Sox (95-67) play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (100-62). It's going to be a great game.

The current World Champions vs. the team with the best record in baseball. The Red Sox have not played well away, but if they could win at least one of the away games and both the home games next week, they will be off to the championship series.

The Red Sox have a huge negative factor that might hinder tonight's game; Mike Lowell and JD Drew are still battling their injuries. Lowell has a hurt right hip and Drew has lower back pains. This only means that John Lester being the starting pitcher needs to bring some heat to the plate.

If the Red Sox want to beat the team that has beaten them several times during the regular season, they need to strengthen their pitching and offensive plays. Pitching might be hard for the Red Sox being that their playoff hero and ace, Josh Beckett, strained his side muscle on Friday. His start has been pushed back to Game 3 at home.

However, the Red Sox do have some power houses that are healthy. Second baseman Dustin Pedrioa, with his incredible diving catches and deep homers, Kevin Youkillis, David Ortiz and Jacoby Ellsbury. All these players will help the team overall, but as long as they continue to play like a team.