WWE: 15 Sexy Pictures of Professional Wrestler Maryse

LewisAnalyst IIIMarch 19, 2011

WWE: 15 Sexy Pictures of Professional Wrestler Maryse

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    French-Canadian professional wrestler Maryse first burst onto the WWE scene in 2006 as a finalist in the Diva Search competition.

    She has since become a Divas Champion (the second champion in their history) and a staple on Monday night's Raw.

    And did I mention she's not bad to look at?

    Sit back and relax, because these pictures will do the talking...

A Little Bit of Chain Never Hurts

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    How many of us are thinking she can use those chains on us?

Who Wants a Maid?

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    How many of us are now thinking we have a need for a maid?


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    Whoever said black and white is old is a total nut-job.

Oh the Tease!

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    The imagination can determine the rest.


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    I'm guessing you're not reading this comment, so what's the point?

How Dare She Wrestle with that Body

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    Hallelujah—my prayers have been answered.

The Legs!

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    She is on her tip toes, and so am I...

Ahh—the Stockings!

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    I bet it isn't easy being you.


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    Only if we were able to get a peak of—I better not.

Or Nice?

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    Now I need something to keep me under control.

Beautiful as Always

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    If I ever get to meet Maryse...

Black and White Is Way Better than Color Images

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    Need I say more?

The Bend

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    Maybe she dropped a coin.

I Firmly Believe Some Things Are Underrated

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    Underrated, to say the least.

Say Hello to My Big Friend

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    I believe this is borderline between a great picture and me getting banned from writing.

Thanks for Reading

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    Thanks for reading!

    You should be thanking me though for giving you the quality pictures of WWE Diva Maryse.