5 Things To Know About The Playoffs: A B/R Guide For All Fans

Alex PotterCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2008

These are just the simple ten things to know about the MLB playoffs.All fans take note!

    5.     You need to be ok with your team losing. The chances of your team winning the world series as of right now is 12.5%. It does't take much to be swept, ask the last Rockies last year, their dream was over before it could even start.

    4.    The National League is just not as talented as the American League. Seven out of the last ten world series winners have been for the American League including five wins just from the A.L. East alone!

    3.   Momentum is always better than resting your player.The perfect example of that is the Colorado Rockies having all of those days of rest last October then were swept by the momentum eating super-team, Boston  Red Sox.

    2.   It doesn't matter how you did in the regular season, IT IS OVER! I don't want to hear that the Angels won 100 games or that the Chicago Cubs had all of their starting rotation win at least ten games.

    1.   Dont Believe In The Saying,"There is Always Next Year". Just ask the Chicago Cubs who have waited for 100 years to win a world series or just ask the Boston Red Sox who waited 86 years before finally winning the last 2 out of 4.It is not so simple to win the world series or even making it to the playoffs. The Tampa Bay Rays didn't even know what the playoffs were untill somebody explained it to them last week.


-Alex Potter