English Clubs Open Gulf in Champions League

Tim AndersonCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2008

After Manchester United’s 3-0 win over Danish champions Aalborg and Arsenal’s 4-0 rout of previous Champions League winners Porto (a team that also won 24 of 30 of it’s domestic games last season), debate has begun to circulate over whether the English "Big Four" contingent are too strong and wealthy now, their progression to the later stages of the competition being a mere formality.

The last four finals have all had an English flavour, the most recent having both Chelsea and Manchester battling it out.

Only Villarreal, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and maybe Barcelona seem to have the potential to challenge the English charge.

And this looks like continuing in the near future as well. With English clubs being sold to billionaire investors trying to create the next European mega-club, players are continuing to follow the ambitions and money to England.

More money, better players, more success.

With the Italian game in disarray, the traditional powerhouse clubs have been reduced in number to Spain and England, but it is the English domination that is taking the European game away from a fair playing field into something wholly more predictable.