Women in the NHL: Will It Work?

Louisa PattersonContributor IJanuary 13, 2008

Do women and hockey mix? This is a very touchy subject to most people, especially men.

Should women be considered eligible to play in a professional league such as the NHL?

Well in my opinion they should be.

Women have been playing hockey since the Olympics in Salt Lake, where they won a gold medal as well as the men's team.

Alot of people who say women shouldn't play hockey have not gone to a women's game and watched them play. So what if there is no fighting and no blood.

I will let you know one thing, women on ice, if you make them mad then you better watch out! Women who get mad while playing hockey can become very sarcastic and even aggressive!

Personally I have seen fights in women's hockey and man you make a women mad at the hockey rink where she has a stick and skates, then you better watch out!

Women are alot smaller in frame than men are, they are more agile and flexible than men, so why can't men see that women can play hockey too!

Alot of people say women shouldn't play hockey cause it's a hard and rough sport, but that's just in the NHL.

Women could play in the NHL, you just have to be in great shape and tough! They should have coed teams.

Women should be more recognized in hockey.