Where are the women?

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Where are the women?
As we headed from the press box down to the locker rooms to conduct interviews, it hit me I was the only woman there. I said that out loud as we were waiting for the elevator and one of the other reporter said, "Don't worry, you'll get used to it."

I'm sure that was meant to be reassuring, but it got me to wondering. How many female sports reporters are out there? I know they exist, but why don't we ever hear about them?

In hockey, there's only one female reporter that comes to mind: Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press. She is the only nationally known (internationally since we have to include Canada) female hockey reporter.

Oh sure, there's a female on-air interviewer on Versus (Christine Simpson), but it seems all she ever does is wander around the stands, doing short interviews with whoever she finds. Usually, it's a player's parents or some league official. Sometimes it's a coach or an injured player. Nothing in her interviews is very substantial.

So why aren't there more women covering the NHL? Why, when the CBC looks for someone to sit on the Hot Stove panel, are no women mentioned?

For that matter, why aren't there many women behind the scenes of a team? Surely there are women out there with the experience to help run a team. Yet I can only think of two women who held high-level hockey operations jobs.

I think it's a shame.

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