Questioning the Vancouver Canucks

Louisa PattersonContributor IJanuary 13, 2008

Will Luongo take the Canucks all the way this year?

Does it look like the Canucks will go past the second round?

Will there be any critical injuries?

These questions have been asked a lot in the new year as the Canucks are soon heading into the playoffs.

Will Luongo freeze? Will he be the best player and take Vancouver all the way?

Well as a hockey player myself and knowing about the game for a long time, it's common knowledge that to be the best team and win the cup everyone wants you to win, you MUST play as a team!

The whole team must be in game mode, if a defenseman messes up and the other team scores, that's it, it's over!

You cannot rely on one person to seal the win and the goalie is the last resort.

First comes the offense, then defense and then the last line is Luongo. Luongo has played a great season for the Canucks so far and on the other hand, Sanford, our back up netminder, isn't doing bad bad either.

With that being said, for a new player yes he has messed up and allowed some goals that could've been stopped BUT for a backup he's not too shabby!

All in all the Canucks are coming in to play the St. Louis Blues at 3pm today. Let's make it a win for the team!