Wrestling: What If Jeffy Hardy "Worked" Us All at Victory Road?

Elliott SaltaresContributor IMarch 17, 2011

This past Sunday, Jeff Hardy and Sting were set to have a big match.

In the hours that led up to this main event contest at Victory Road,  Jeff Hardy was described as "a mess". Internet reports state that Hardy had to be physically held up as he made his entrance from the staging area to the Impact Zone.

It's being said that his behavior, combined with his visible stumbling, caused management to call an audible.

Eric Bischoff delivered instruction to both performers, while delivering an impromptu promo, to end a TNA World Heavyweight Championship quickly. 90 seconds later it was over.

In an earlier article, I gave food for thought that TNA might be trying to "work" us all and doing whatever it takes to get their name out there. Trying to get a buzz and get their name to be on the tongues of the Internet wrestling community.

However, as more information comes to light, I feel there might now be something else to consider so I offer some more food for thought.

Eric Bischoff might not be the only clever schemer employed by TNA after all.

Who stands to gain from his questionable display on that Sunday?  Who benefits the most from his very public "impaired" exhibition?

Jeff does.

Sunday's incident, compelled TNA management to instruct Hardy to go home Monday, thus was not on hand for this week's iMPACT! tapings. His Wednesday hearing in North Carolina resulted in yet another continuance due to the district attorney's office waiting on evidence from the State Bureau of Investigation.

Hardy has told friends that his legal team has developed a new strategy and that he hopes to have the situation put to rest soon.

Could Jeff Hardy be "working" the world in an attempt to gain lenience or sympathy for his current legal issue? Or is he simply the "impaired mess" that screwed up a pay-per-view?

What if Jeff Hardy did indeed put on the performance of a life time at Victory Road?

Again, just food for thought.



Elliott Saltares is a sports pundit, fan, and contributing writer for Bleacher Report. You can follow him on twitter @elliottsaltares.