Creature vs. Creature: It's Time To Cast Your Epic Vote

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIMarch 27, 2011

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 5:  (L-R) Former professional wrestler Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat gets thrown to the mat by WWE Superstar Chris Jericho during WrestleMania 25 at Reliant Stadium on April 5, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bill Olive/Getty Images)
Bill Olive/Getty Images

The moment has come for you, YES YOU, to vote for which WrestleMania is the greatest of all time! You must vote for the writer who had convinced YOU that their WrestleMania is the greatest of all time! These writers pour their heart and soul into their pieces that are covered with their sweat, tears and blood due to their fingers pounding at their computer keys with the goal of convincing the legion of B/R readers. 

All the writers' WrestleMania articles made readers smile, laugh, cry, ponder and reflect on their own experiences in regards to WrestleMania. They all made us remember the special moments of their chosen WrestleMania and which made each the greatest in its own phenomenal way. In my eyes, everyone is a winner!

Unfortunately there will be only one victor in this, what turned out to be an amazing competition! Here are the writers who were involved and the links of their amazing articles:  


Kevin Stonebarger WrestleMania 22

RizeWrestleMania 17

Chris FreemanWrestleMania 19

ChinmayWrestleMania 21

Hamster FanWrestleMania 23

Muzzy DaudWrestleMania 26

Ian MaloneWrestleMania 24

Dan PowerWrestleMania 4

Now I must remind you to vote for the WrestleMania that convinced you the most and not due to your personal preference. If I was to vote which Mania you thought was the greatest then I would have simply made a slideshow highlighting each great moment that each Mania had to offer, BUT here you must vote on which Mania is the greatest by the merits of the competitor's articles and their persuasive ways.

Also each of the competitors picked their WrestleMania not because it was a popular choice among wrestling fans or because it would attract the most votes. They pick there respective WrestleManias because they hold the WrestleMania they have chosen a special place in their hearts. 

So without further adieu, flex your phalanges and type in your vote for the greatest Wrestlemania EVER!

Voting ends on Tuesday of March 29th at 11: 59 PM!