Sour Rankings

chris klinknerSenior Writer ISeptember 30, 2008
No clue why that was. They are the FOURTH best team in their division, PERIOD! Forget about the injuries, most top teams have them and come through. When I look at a team I look at three things.
First, there is coaching. While Jim Johnson is a top five defensive coach, the rest is of the staff is often comical. Andy Reid makes so many boneheaded mistakes and is by far the WORST Head Coach in football when it comes to making decisions on the fly, during the flow of the game.
Second, would be the offensive line. This offensive line is a line Randall Cunningham would have killed for! That said, they are not deep at all and that's rough when one man goes down (see the Andrews injury..and just pray Justice never sees the field this year).
Third, would be the defensive line. This line is the worst on paper in the NFC East. Why you ask? Well, because they are without depth on the ends and the tackles are young and often disappear for too long during a course of the game.
To say this group is a Top five team is ridiculous. 8-8 or 9-7 is what we are looking at here. It's what I predicted at the beginning of the year and I am sticking with that. This weeks game against the Redskins is HUGE!
Now, I want to warn you Eagle fans now. This Redskin team is GOOD!! However, it is VERY difficult to win back to back road games against two division opponents. SO, don't get all up in the air if the Eagles win the game. Expect a win and move on.
If the Eagles do lose, than its time to panic Philly! The Eagles cannot afford to lose another division game before even playing one with the Giants. This Redskin/Eagles game will tell you a lot about the rest of the season.