Please SHUT-UP!

chris klinknerSenior Writer ISeptember 30, 2008

- Donovan McNabb and his NBC promo about Chicago sports. I mentioned this earlier in the week, but I still can't over the fact that on national TV our franchise player is singing the praise of the god damn Blackhawks and Bulls. #5 must have gotten his cue from his idiot owner who was seen this summer prancing around in a Celtics jersey.

How about some Philly love two have no problems taking the city's millions of dollars to pay your team and salary. Shut up and go back to Chicago and NE. With you two schmucks over there, the Eagles would have 2 less teams to worry about contending with.

- Lito Sheppard and his comments on Comcast's Monday Night Live . Jesus Christ man...get over it. You are not a starter, you are not going to be traded, you can't stay healthy, you got burned by Hester on Sunday (thankfully Hester can't catch!), and you aren't all-around good as Brown or Samuel. T.O. may be a whinny bitch this week up in Dallas, but at least he is a us when you reach that level again.