March Madness 2011 Bracket: The Best and Worst Dressed Coaches in the Tournament

Patrick MangumContributor IMarch 17, 2011

March Madness 2011 Bracket: The Best and Worst Dressed Coaches in the Tournament

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    I guess the reason basketball coaches traditionally wear a suit is because it's the only major sport that's indoors. Back in the early days of basketball, fans still came to games dressed up.

    Some coaches want to be successful so they dress successful. Others don't really care what they look like.

    Rick Pitino is a guy that is day to day. Some days he can come out on the court and be one of the worst dressed coaches. More often than not however, Pitino is one of the best dressed coaches.

    I mean, if they make a movie about Rick Pitino, I think they would get Al Pacino to play him.

    Let's take a look at some of the "worst dressed" coaches and then we'll move to the "best dressed" coaches.

12. Dave Paulson (Bucknell)

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    Picture quality or no picture quality there is not much going on for Dave Paulson in this photo.

    He finally got things going on in his third year at Bucknell.

    He brings his record to 46-48 to the NCAA tournament.

    They face UConn in the first round.

11. Donnie Tyndall (Morehead State)

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    I think this could probably work for anybody else except for Donnie Tyndall.

    I give him an "A" for attempt.

    In his fifth season at Morehead State and his second appearance in the NCAA Tournament, they face Louisville in the first round.

10. Rick Byrd (Belmont)

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    This is not what a basketball coach is supposed to look like!

    Is he ice skating?

    Rick Byrd has been coaching at Belmont for 24 years and is bringing what could be his best team to the tournament to face Wisconsin.

9. Frank Dumphy (Temple)

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    OK, so this picture is from 1996, but it hasn't got much better since then.

    Neither has his tournament record.

    He's 1-12 in his fifth year at Temple.

    They face Penn State in the first round.

8. Greg Kampe (Oakland)

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    This is a real picture, and yes, that is his real hair.

    He got a haircut this year, but the rest of the look is back in full force.

    Greg Kampe is in his 27th year at Oakland and hopes to upset Texas in the first round.

7. Josh Postner (Memphis)

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    Alright Josh, you're following big footsteps taking over for John Calipari.

    I picked out probably his worst photo, but he just has too much to live up to in Memphis for suits like this one.

    Josh Postner has his first NCAA trip in his second year with the Tigers.

    He's 49-19 with Memphis.

6. Blaine Taylor (Old Dominion)

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    He's trying, but I'm not sure if there's much he can do.

    The suit is just no match for Blaine Taylor.

    In his tenth year with Old Dominion, he is 1-3 in tournament play.

    Old Dominion faces Butler in an interesting first round match-up.

5. Stew Morrill (Utah State)

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    Somebody should feel embarrassed.

    I'm not sure who yet, me or you.

    Stew Morrill is in his 13th year at Utah State.

    He is 324-102.

4. Bruce Weber (Illinois)

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    This look wasn't so bad in 2005, when his Illinois team was national runners up.

    It's funny how that works.

    He's been with Illinois since 2003.

3. Thad Matta (Ohio State)

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    Yeah, so I just picked a really bad picture with a goofy face here.

    He should realize that just because his team's color is red, that doesn't mean that's the only color tie you can wear, ever.

    Thad Motta has been at OSU for 11 years and sports a 188-56 record with a tournament record of 14-8.

2. Bob Huggins (West Virginia)

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    I don't have a problem with the jumpsuits.

    I have a problem because we could be getting this.

    Get him a blue tie and some different shoes and Huggy Bear is on the best dressed list.

    He has a 26-18 tournament record.

1. Mike Kryzewski (Duke)

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    He not really a bad dresser, it's just that he's such a good basketball coach it doesn't match up.

    This is one of his worsts and its not that bad. It's just that his suit has so much to live up to.

    898-283 record.

    77-22 in the tournament.

    Coach K is the best "worst dressed" coach in the 2011 NCAA Tournament.

17. Buzz Williams (Marquette)

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    Chris Trotman/Getty Images

    This is what I'm talking about. Buzz Williams starts off the ranking of the best "best dressed" coaches.

    He's got the loud tie and the pocket square.

    I think it works for the big guy.

    His team should have a No. 9 seed in the tourney but they got a No. 11 and a first round date with Xavier.

    They are an upset waiting to happen.


16. Leonard Hamilton (FSU)

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    Leonard Hamilton with the blue tie; not tied down by his team's colors.

    Fresh look.

    Hamilton is 3-5 in the tournament.

    FSU plays Texas A&M in the first round.

15. Dave Rose (BYU)

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    Dave Rose looks perfect for BYU.

    He looks conservative and cool; if that's possible.

    BYU hopes to improve on their 1-4 tournament mark under coach Rose.

14. Mike Anderson (Missouri)

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    I think I see a gold watch poking out of his sleeve.

    I like this smooth look.

    Mike Anderson installed the "40 minutes of hell" defense at Missouri.

    Look for them to pull an upset or two.

13. Jim Larranaga (George Mason)

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    George Mason coach is a classy guy and has a classy look.

    He has a career record of 469-333.

    He of course took No. 11 seed George Mason to the Final Four in 2006.

12. Bruce Pearl (Tennessee)

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    Bruce Pearl is probably more known for his vivid all orange blazer, but he really only busts that out at home against Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

    Most of the time, he's in something like this.

    Facing possible further punishment from the NCAA, Pearl has his Tennessee Volunteers in the tourney for the sixth straight year.

    He is 10-7 in the tournament.

11. Lon Kruger (UNLV)

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    Hey, it works for him.

    I'm also a UF alum and it gives me the chance to mention the current UNLV coach led the Florida Gators to the Final Four in 1994.

    He's in his seventh year at UNLV and is 14-12 all-time in the tournament.

10. John Thompson III (Georgetown)

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    He inherited enough style and substance from his father to continue the Thompson coaching legacy at Georgetown.

    He has a 181-81 career record and hopes to improve his tourney record of 7-6.

9. Steve Lavin (St. John's)

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    He spent time as a broadcaster, so he knows how to look good for the camera.

    Lavin and his coaching staff first wore the sneakers for Coaches Against Cancer.

    They have kept them as a sort of superstition and now a fashion statement.

    It looks like he's in a zoot suit. I like it.

    Steve Lavin has an impressive tournament record of 11-6 with only one loss coming during the first weekend.

    He has never made it to the Final Four.

8. Jay Wright (Villanova)

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    Jay Wright looks like he could be an executive banker and a very successful one at that.

    He heads into the tourney with his Villanova team not so hot.

    He has a 12-8 tourney record and is 224-109 in his career.

7. Jamie Dixon (Pittsburgh)

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    Like Coach Wright, Jamie Dixon is also very executive looking. His persona exudes success.

    He is 10-7 in the tournament and is 215-59 for his career.

John Calipari (Kentucky)

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    There's only a handful of guys that can coach as good as him and look as good doing it.

    Maybe that's how he gets away with being so crooked.

    He's definitely a controversial figure, but he does sport a 28-12 tournament record.

5. Billy Donovan (Florida)

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    Nobody can pull of the no jacket look like Billy D.

    He's first class business casual.

    He's been to three Final Fours, won two National Championships and is 22-8 in the tourney.

4. Rick Pitino

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    This is Pitino's KFC version of his all-white suit look.

    Pitino has earned the right to wear whatever he wants, including his all-red blazer.

    He is 572-209 with a 38-14 tourney record.

3. Jim Boeheim

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    Here's Jim Boeheim looking like the distinguished senior faculty member he is.

    855 wins and only 300 losses.

    He is 41-22 in the tournament.

2. Jim Calhoun

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    It's not the clothes that make the man, and Calhoun proves that.

    Pure class.

    840-360 with two national titles.

1. Roy Williams

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    Look at Roy Williams.

    He's meeting the President, and he is the only one in the entire picture wearing a light colored suit, and he pulls it off.

    Of course, with that Tarheel blue, it's hard to go wrong coaching or looking good.

    640-162 for the career and 55-18 in the tourney with two national titles.

    Roy Williams is the best "best dressed" coach in the 2011 NCAA Tournament.


    Next are seven guys who have style that I respect, whether I like it or not.

7. Mike Brey (Notre Dame)

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    He's got his own thing going here and I respect that.

    He's the Big East coach of the year.

6. Bo Ryan (Wisconsin)

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    I like what he's got going on here. 


    Bo Ryan is 12-9 in the NCAA Tournament.

5. John Beilein (Michigan)

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    I get it. He's a blue collar Michigan guy rolling his sleeves up.

    I can respect that.

4. Mark Few

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    I think he can do better, but if this is his style, then right on.

    He's been invited to the Big Dance every year he's been with Gonzaga.

3. Steve Fisher (San Diego State)

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    You coach the Fab Five and you get respect no matter what.

    20-9 tournament record.

2. Tom Izzo

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    Hey, what can you say?

    He's a good coach.

    35-12 in the tourney.

1. Bill Self (Kansas)

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    He took over for Roy Williams and took them to a national title.

    I don't like the suit but I got to respect it.

    He's 25-11 in the tourney.

    If I didn't mention your coach, you need to tell him to be a better coach...or dress better...or dress worse.