2011 NBA Draft: Jimmer Fredette & Best 15 Outside Shooters to Be Had

Tom Kinslow@@TomKinslowFeatured ColumnistMarch 16, 2011

2011 NBA Draft: Jimmer Fredette & Best 15 Outside Shooters to Be Had

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    The 2011 NBA Draft will be full of great players, but if you're looking for an outside shooter, these 15 players will certainly be in the discussion.

    Jimmer Fredette is the biggest name out there in terms of an outside shooter and it will be interesting to see where the BYU player lands on draft day. We'll take a look at 15 players and what makes them such good shooters from the outside.

    If you have any thoughts, as always, leave them below, along with your favorite shooters to watch.

No. 15: Chris Singleton, Florida State

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    Chris Singleton can certainly light it up from outside, he just needs to be a little more consistent.

    Singleton has great touch when he catches fire, he just needs to avoid the shooting spells that have plagued him at times during his tenure with Florida State. Furthermore, he's got range from the NBA three-point line.

    That skill set makes him a very interesting prospect for any team looking for a shooter.

No. 14: Terrence Jones, Kentucky

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    It may not be pretty, but Terrence Jones get the job done.

    Simply put, Jones' jump shot is hideous, it's one of the worst looking shots I've ever seen, but he's managed to get a nice touch on it. It's certainly going to have to be worked on at the next level to make it a viable option, but the man has shown he can hit the outside shot.

    If he works on his form, you're going to see major improvements in his range.

No. 13: Alec Burks, Colorado

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    When you watch Alec Burks work on the offensive end of the floor, he just looks like a shooter.

    There are inconsistencies in his shooting, but he certainly has the solid base needed to grow into an outside shooter at the NBA level. Once that consistency is added to his potent offensive game, he's going to be able to use the jump shot even more to his advantage as he slashes to the rim.

    Whatever team gets Burks could have a steal on its hands.

No. 12: Jon Diebler, Ohio State

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    Jon Diebler's three-point percentage skyrocketed this season, gaining the Ohio State player some headlines this season.

    Diebler shot 50 percent from behind the arc for the Buckeyes and destroyed Penn State earlier this year as Ohio State destroyed the Nittany Lions in Happy Valley. He doesn't have much in the way of draft stock, but with that type of shooting touch, he'll get some looks at the next level.

    There is no denying how well Diebler can shoot the ball from deep.

No. 11: Kemba Walker, Connecticut

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    In the Big East Tournament, we saw that Kemba Walker can simply steal your soul with his outside jumper.

    Walker can create his jumper with his dribble, and as Pittsburgh experienced, beat you at the buzzer with the outside shot. That is the strength of the guard's game, but he's also able to hit a spot up shot, adding dimension to his offensive game.

    We've seen Walker make great strides in his game, so I wouldn't be worried about getting a guy who has already plateaued in terms of his skill set.

No. 10: Nolan Smith, Duke

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    Nolan Smith has a large skill set and one of those is a great jump shot.

    Smith can hit the outside shot, but the major problem is that for a guy that has the ball in his hands a lot of the time, he's better at getting his shot off of the pass before rising up over the defense for the jump shot. Furthermore, he doesn't have the quickness to create his own shot, hurting his game a bit.

    But when Smith gets his shot off, it's a thing of beauty.

No. 9: Brandon Knight, Kentucky

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    Brandon Knight will make it rain on you from the outside if you don't check him early and often.

    Knight is a deadly shooter, especially from three-point range, and he has no hesitation when it comes to rising and firing and with his great work ethic, there is a lot of potential there for Knight to turn into an unstoppable force from the outside.

    I love Knight's upside, and he's going to be a great value selection in the first round.

No. 8: Norris Cole, Cleveland State

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    Norris Cole may not be a common name, but the man can shoot the basketball.

    If you watched the opening round of the NIT, you saw Cole go off for 27 points as Cleveland State advanced. Helping him going forward is the fact that he has improved his three-point percentage each year in school.

    He's only getting better, and that's going to help him and he'll get a chance once way or another.

No. 7: Jordan Hamilton, Texas

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    When Jordan Hamilton catches fire, it's game over.

    Hamilton is a guy that when he's on, it's impossible for him to miss and no matter what you throw at him, he's going to find a way to get the ball in the basket. The Texas Longhorn has experienced stretches of inconsistency, but he's got so much talent and so many different ways to get his shot that he's difficult to stop.

    The guard-forward has to be huge if Texas wants to go deep into the NCAA Tournament.

No. 6: Kyle Singler, Duke

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    Kyle Singler has a great offensive arsenal, and can certainly get his shot off in a variety of situations.

    Singler is going to be a spot-up shooter at the next level, but he does have the ability to use his dribble to create his shot, although he lacks the top-level quickness needed to get by players at the NBA level. He won't be a first-round pick, but when he goes off the board, that team will get a great shooter.

    I'm very curious to see how long it takes him to find a niche, but his shooting ability will keep him on a lot of team's draft boards.

No. 5: Donatas Motiejuna, Lithuania

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    Donatas Motiejuna certainly isn't a name that's on everyone's lips, but he's a guy who is a pure shooter.

    The man can make things happen on the inside, but from the outside, he has range and can kill you from deep if you think that a player of his size couldn't possibly beat you from there. He's still growing as a player, and that gives him a ton of upside heading into the draft.

    He's going to be a first-round pick and it's going to be interesting to see if he can get physical enough with the players he'll be matched up against in the NBA.

No. 4: Ravern Johnson, Mississippi State

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    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    Ravern Johnson is a guy that is a monster of a three-point shooter.

    Johnson is the type of player that likes to hover around the three-point arc and then make his offense off of that threat. While he'll need to improve his inside shot, there's no denying the kind of touch he has from behind the arc.

    Adding to his game is the fact that he doesn't care if you're right in his face, he will drain the shot regardless all night long.

No. 3: Kyrie Irving, Duke

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    If you're playing for the Duke Blue Devils, you're a fundamentally sound player.

    Kyrie Irving is no exception and the young player is a pure shooter in every sense of the word. Although we didn't see much of Irving this year, as he lost most of the season to injury, it was obvious to see that Irving could shoot the basketball.

    He's dangerous in the half-court sets, but can also beat you by pulling up on the fast break and has a good three-point touch. Irving is a multi-talented player who can really kill you with his jumper.

No. 2: LaceDarius Dunn, Baylor

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    LaceDarius Dunn is one of the best shooters in all of college basketball and he's an assassin from behind the arc.

    Dunn will just make it rain from three-point range and he has such a quick release, and he will just tear opposing defenses to shreds with it. Dunn isn't on a lot of draft boards in the first round, but with his offensive skills, he's going to be gobbled up in the second round.

    Whatever team gets him has one of the top offensive talents in the country, but will need to round out the rest of his game to keep him from being a situational player.

No. 1: Jimmer Fredette, BYU

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    Well it was only a matter of time before we got to Jimmer Fredette.

    Fredette is the best pure scorer in all of college basketball and it's what has made him one of the top prospects in the NBA draft. He may be a huge liability on defense, but on offense, he is the type of player who can find his shot and then destroy an opposing defense with it.

    He'll find a home in the NBA, and when he does, the rest of the league will be on notice on the defensive end.