Wrestlemania 27: Why Are Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler Getting No Respect?

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Wrestlemania 27: Why Are Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler Getting No Respect?
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Ever since the IWC found out that WWE was planning to have Michael Cole face Jerry Lawler at Wrestlemania, they immediately started voicing their displeasure. I am asking, why?

Will they give us a five star classic? Absolutely not, but I'm not expecting them too. Amazingly, WWE is putting a lot of thought into this feud, trying to get us invested in it.

Jerry Lawler has never had a Wrestlemania match, and if anyone deserves one, it's him. Now at 61, it would not make any sense for him to feud with any of the main event roster leading into Wrestlemania.

Yes, I know he was in a feud with WWE Champion The Miz leading into the Elimination Chamber, but there is a big difference between the Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania. Therefore, he is feuding with the person that makes the most sense: Michael Cole.

Michael Cole, in the past few months, has been one of the most annoying people I've seen on television. He has made me want to see him get his keester kicked so badly, and you know what, that means he's doing his job really well. Again, it wouldn't make sense for him to have a match with a main event contender at such a big event, so he's facing Lawler.

Jack Swagger is only there for one reason, and that is be stunned the second he tries to interfere.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin is there to get a few more pay-per-view buys than there would have been, and you have to admit, there will probably be a fewer bathroom breaks during this match than there would have been if Austin wasn't there.

There might be a possibility of JBL showing up and trying to take back the referee position, but he will just end up getting stunned as well.

The build up for this match has been surprisingly well done. Bringing in Lawler's son Brian Christopher and his good friend Jim Ross this past Monday was brilliant to make Cole look even worse.

I was shocked that Swagger put Ross in the ankle lock, but since their both Oklahomans, I guess Ross had no problem with it. I was also a little worried when Cole put the ankle lock on JR and he very clearly shouted "easy". Looks like he's okay and should show up at Wrestlemania, as he is said to be calling at least two matches at the show.

My point is that while the match won't be a Match of the Year candidate, these two are trying their best and succeeding at getting at least some of us interested.

Give them a break.

At least there will be a Wrestlemania moment created in this match with Austin involved.

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