Ronnie? Ricky? A Good Problem To Have

Bob BrantContributor ISeptember 30, 2008

Tony Sparano and the Miami Dolphins have a nice problem on their hands which is going to be hard for other teams in the National Football League to solve.  After an incredible 5-touchdown game by Ronnie Brown against the New England Patriots, the Dolphins might have to rethink who they start in the back field.  Ronnie Brown ran for 4 and passed for another with the Dolphins running out of the Wild Hog formation.  The Dolphins showed at the end of last year that they were capable of running some new and different formations but they could have never imagined the effectiveness of this one.  Ronnie Brown scored all of the team's 35 points from direct snaps.  Let's not forget about the other running back in Miami.  Ricky Williams came 4 yards short of 100 after having another effective day.  Ricky did everything right against the Patriots.  He displayed good blocking, good hole recognition and good hands.  The Dolphins now have the luxury of having a two-back system which many teams such as the Dallas Cowboys have used successfully.  Ricky is still expected to start this week against the Chargers and Ronnie will be substituted in to keep him fresh and wear down the defense.