UFC and Strikeforce: Top 8 Dream Fights of the Future

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UFC and Strikeforce: Top 8 Dream Fights of the Future

Where were you when the news broke Saturday? Will you remember what you were doing milliseconds before the people over at MMAfighting.com clicked the “post” or “publish” button, while digitalized 1’s and 0’s surged through the open wireless airwaves and closed circuits, bouncing from satellite to antennae to phone to processor to screen?

Did the phone’s vibration, mini-light show or annoying dying fire alarm beep make you think your mom was calling back for the 14th time that day to remind you of the time change?

I got four calls and eight texts within five minutes, while I was wheeling and dealing with a mechanic who was trying to sell me air on a breezy afternoon. This partially exaggerated scenario might give off the wrong impression, like I’m the Fonzie or Mr. Popular on my block (not so true, I’d take the real life Ritchie Cunningham over Henry Winkler any day).

After the onslaught of notifications, I knew something was up. I just needed to find a few free seconds to slip out of view into a quiet place to get the low-down on what had all my MMA pals in a knot. Shortly after leaving the mechanics, I was blessed with some…um privacy to say the least.

If you’re anything like me—confident, witty, handsome, okay I’ll stop there—you have a sensitive stomach from hell that doesn’t agree with all things spicy.

Thanks to my friends at Chipotle, who doused my burrito with hot sauce instead of mild, I was able to collect my thoughts and digest (no pun intended) the groundbreaking news in the confines of a peaceful Old Navy bathroom—where all great men do their thinking.

Coincidences work in mysterious ways; I was able to stay in the loop by being in the loop.

There are many hallmarks in one’s life: first kiss, significant other, driving license, first hangover and where you were when you found out that the UFC bought out Strikeforce.

While yours truly was in his stall sanctuary, pondering the ins and outs of such a colossal deal sprung onto the MMA world with little-to-no-notice, I immediately decided that the glass was half-full, in a broader sense, as a result of this deal.

Now with Strikeforce’s future as a separate entity in question after their contract with Showtime expires, the UFC is bound to absorb their talent into the fold similar to what transpired with the WEC.

With the great wall of contractual differences coming to an end, it creates exciting possibilities for huge “cross-promotional” affairs or superfights under the UFC banner. So let’s take a gander at some dream match-ups we could see in the next couple of years.

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