WWE Wrestlemania 27: Is the Rock Is Hurting the John Cena-Miz Rivalry?

Andre HarrisonCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2011

"Hey folks, don't close this column window so fast!"

Valentine's Day 2011. The day that professional wrestling changed again.

After seven years, Dwayne "You can call me The Rock again" Johnson, returned to Monday Night Raw and to the WWE.

I'm sure 99.9 percent of people didn't see it coming, and just about everyone raved and flocked to the Internet to comment on just what an awesome moment it was. I'm sure it changed a lot of people's minds on their outlook for the upcoming Wrestlemania 27, which was just under two months away back then.

I was very excited to see Cena's excellent follow up, and The Miz's...well, sort of decent reply as well.

As a fan and as a writer, I was intrigued at the eventual possibilities of where the feud could lead, and of course, to see two of my favourite wrestlers (and two of the most famous ever) clash—The Rock and John Cena.

...Not anymore.

My concern for this storyline has grown slowly ever since that return on February 14th. But, after last night's Monday Night Raw, I'm now seriously concerned about the course this feud has taken and the picture it's painted.

Allow me to explain.

I had no problem with The Rock's return at all. It was a stunning 25-minute promo that made Dwayne look fantastic and like he hadn't missed a beat after seven years.

Cena's reply the week after on RAW was also excellent. A brief and fantasctic return of his "Doctor of Thuganomics" character was a fantastic reminder of what made him so popular to begin with, something which many people probably forgot after his character being watered down in recent years.

However, after John Cena became No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber, things quickly turned downhill.

The Rock decided to respond to John Cena's raps...via Titantron.

As much as this led to another nice joke on the behalf of John Cena, many fans had to have been disappointed that after California got to see him live, other locations for RAW shows wouldn't get that same opportunity.

As much as it's not his fault for not being there (filming for movies), it made The Rock look a little bit stupid and hypocritical to suggest he was coming back "for good" in his original promo, only to not make regular appearances. Especially because the person he's criticizing, John Cena, was there for Raw every week and has been consistently for a long time (even when fired!).

Another problem is the WWE Champion, The Miz, being effectively shut out of this Main Event-level feud and having to regularly beat down John Cena.  He even stole The Rock's own People's Elbow, in order to get attention.

It's a shame, as in my eyes at least, they should still be trying to make The Miz look like a credible champion going into Wrestlemania 27, so we can believe he will retain it.

A champion won't look strong by interfering in other people's business. And after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And while I love Jerry Lawler, beating a 61-year-old man doesn't do him any favours.

The biggest examples of these problems were exposed at Monday's Raw, where The Rock cut a promo (once again, pre-taped), only this time, to a mini-John Cena imitation.

He then referred to John Cena as "untalented." Now, we're talking about John Cena here, the face of the WWE. To call him "untalented," regardless of your opinion of the man, is a burial of every wrestler who's worked for the company in the last seven years. Because, in the company's eyes, Cena's No. 1.

Therefore, to call him "untalented" means the rest of the roster, who can't be as good, must be worse. That's not a clever way to make your company guy look any better.

Was it done intentionally to turn people away from The Rock? Maybe.

Also, at the Cena/Del Rio Main Event, The Rock's music played. Also, The Miz, dressed like The Rock, came down and beat up John Cena to close the show.

The crowd was dead silent for the entire thing, obviously showing that they didn't care. This was probably out of dissapointment, as they were hoping The Rock would show up. If they built The Miz up properly, they wouldn't need to generate heat in such a way to make Miz look second-rate.

There's still over two weeks until Wrestlemania 27, and I hope the three main men involved in this top storyline in Pro Wrestling right now, as well as the writers (who wrote that TERRIBLE Final KO segment for Cena), can fix things.

Because, as of right now, it's killing my interest to see how this feud plays out on the grandest stage of them all.

I've been Andre Harrison, thank you very much for reading. Sayonara.

(Do you agree with my comments? What did you think of the column? Did you agree? Or do you think I've got this all wrong? Let me know by dropping a comment, or tweet me up on Twitter, my address is @TheHarrison101. Thanks again for reading!)