WWE No Mask Policy?

Stephan JohnsonContributor ISeptember 30, 2008

We all know how it happened.  Kane lost to Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title, resulting in the loss of his mask forever. Apparently, WWE has issues with masked wrestlers. Rey Mysterio's masked defines him as a Lucho Libra wrestler, but now it seems that he will lose his mask at WWE's next Pay Per View, No Mercy.

The match stipulation for Kane vs. Rey Mysterio at No Mercy has been updated and if Mysterio loses the match, he loses his mask.

I recall Mysterio losing his mask in WCW at a Superbrawl PPV against the Outsiders.


What does Kane have to lose in this match? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The only thing is, I am not giving up on Rey, considering he has defied the odds in winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He has had several pin falls over people larger than himself, including the likes of Kevin Nash, The Big Show, and the ever-so- monstrous Kane.

I believe that to add insult to injury, Kane should be allowed to be the one to de-mask Mysterio after the match.