Five and Out (Big East 2006)

Eric ThomasonCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2008

Big East week of 11/02/06

Game of the week

#3 West Virginia 34 at #5 Louisville 44:It was the first time the country had shifted its attention to the Big East since Donavan McNabb was playing. The game featured many things: two undefeated top five teams, a Heisman hopeful and a third quarter beyond belief, but defense certainly was not one of them. I don’t care if you have the best quarterback/running back combination in the country, if you turn the ball over three times and have a punt returned for a touchdown you’re not going to win many games.

Conclusion:It was a great win for Louisville, who solidified themselves as a national title frontrunner.

Five things we learned

  1. Louisville isn’t as good as everyone now thinks.
  2. West Virginia wasn’t as good as everyone thought.
  3. Steve Slaton and Pat White are tough and deserve all the recognition they receive.
  4. Defense doesn’t win games in this conference.
  5. Michael Bush wasn’t the entire Louisville team.


  1. Louisville wide receivers: absolutely torched the Mountaineer’s secondary
  2. Bobby Petrino: Just have to admire the coaching job he’s done at Louisville, or you can observe the 10 year $25.5 million contract.
  3. Big East Conference: First of two weeks to have the national spotlight with Rutgers and Louisville up next.
  4. South Florida: Beat Pittsburgh to become bowl eligible. Second best team in the state? Well, maybe.
  5. Brian Brohm: Injured for half the season, but has picked up right where he left of. Oh, and he did just lead his team to the program's biggest win ever.


  1. West Virginia Punter: I don’t usually like to hate on kickers, but seriously: your only job is to kick the ball a certain way. Oh, and why can’t they tackle?
  2. BCS: Things just got interesting, especially if the unthinkable happens this Thursday.
  3. Pittsburgh Offense: After averaging 42 points a game in their past three wins, the lowly Panther’s have only mustered up 22 in consecutive losses.
  4. Louisville Basketball: Sorry Rick, looks like expectations just got a little higher.
  5. Steve Slayton’s Heisman Hopes: Its official: he will not win.