UFC128: A Post-Fight Open Letter To Former Champ Rashad Evans

Sabir Abdul-Haqq@sabiriusContributor IMarch 22, 2011

Rashad Evans, former UFC LHW Champion
Rashad Evans, former UFC LHW ChampionJon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Dear Rashad Evans, whatever Flavor of Stupid you're eating, it must be delicious...

The opening lyric to that Submarines track states "there's something wrong when you regret things that haven't happened yet;" you're making some bad choices. As an observer of yours, I must say there's been an amazing growth from your days as a quick wrestler with zero cardio to the cerebral KO-artist with pretty slick BJJ defense you are now.

But your claims to be Billy Bad-Ass do not assist your cause whatsoever.

To lay blame for the "tragedy" of your impending fight with Jones at Greg Jackson's feet is like taking issue with the Tazmanian Devil for being hungry: JBJ is an incredible fighter, Greg is an incredible coach, and you need an incredible amount of Get-Over-Yourself.

You're burning bridges and whatnot over a fight that, on paper, you're going to LOSE. Just over half of your wins are by decision, and YOU chose not to fight for nearly a year when you certainly could have to avoid ring rust. It doesn't help that Jones made the guy who beat the guy who beat YOU tap BY STRIKES (Yes, I'm aware Dean stopped the fight, but take note of Rua at the same time).

That mouth of yours has unleashed so many words it's hard to describe you as being humble and honorable. I personally took offense to you calling Quentin "Rampage" Jackson an Uncle Tom: but you then win your match by decision.

Tossing out derisive comments of race isn't something you do lightly, one black man to another. You didn't finish him in the fight; no wonder he walked up to you and slapped you after UFC 126. There's a lot of hatred brewing for you there, and you seem to be incapable of taking the respect you deserve, and make it worse by disrespecting those who can either a) support and halfway care about you, or b) make your image/case better in the public eye, or in the Octagon.

All that being said, I think you're one of the smartest fighters I've ever seen, and a great athlete with a lot of skills. Honestly your decision to go ahead and fight Jon Jones is the mature one: it may cause moral static with folks you deemed as friends but when it comes down to it, you two are both fighters. And, this IS a business.

I just believe you need to contemplate on your decisions and actions a bit better before putting your foot in your mouth. You've got many supporters out here who want to see you succeed and do well. But you've got to do well for yourself first.


A Fan


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