WWE: Has the Miz Finally Gotten Over As the Top Heel in Wrestling?

Bryan FloryAnalyst IMarch 15, 2011

As late as last week, I wrote an article saying that CM Punk was the top heel in the WWE, and in another article, wrote that it was a foregone conclusion that John Cena would defeat the Miz for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 27. Now I am not so sure on both accounts, or at the very least, Creative has done a sufficient enough job to have me believe that the Miz is now officially at the top of the mountain (as if being the WWE Champion wasn't enough).

Last night's Raw, in my mind, took the Miz to another level.

It started at the end of Raw last week, when most of us thought that the Miz would be protesting for not being taken seriously, followed by his surprise beatdown of Cena and the mocking of the People's Elbow.

Then, the Rock directly addressed the Miz in a promo, something he gives very few people the privilege of doing. More importantly, it was a serious promo from the Rock; no making fun of him in a seven-year-old's voice or referencing Fruity Pebbles. The Rock was there (via satellite) to let the Miz know that if he keeps running his mouth, he is going to get his ass beat.

The writers handled it perfectly by having the Miz cut a response promo directly after the Rock finished. Had he waited longer to cut the promo, it could have possibly lost steam, but the Miz continued his rant about the Rock's family, something that makes it sound much more personal (much like the Cole/Lawler feud).

Quick side note: Am I the only person that thought Triple H was going to come out and face the Miz when the GM interrupted? (I know they want to save him for Mania, but doesn't he need some on screen action to get back in the groove?) It seemed like they were playing off of H's words from his first promo, where he said that he had beaten everyone.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't ever recall the Miz facing Triple H, and most certainly if they did, it was a squash match. Why have Cena in a marquee matchup vs. Alberto Del Rio, but then have the Miz face the walking joke that is the Great Khali? Anyone that has watched a Khali match for two seconds knows that he is terrible, and gives big wrestlers a bad name.

Anyway, after having the Miz beat down the Great Khali with seemingly 20 chair shots (notice how the camera kept focusing in on the blood?), the Miz was looking strong to begin with. He had retorted the Great One, and beaten down a seven-foot giant.

What took the Miz to the next level happened at about 11:10 ET (USA has clearly gone all-in on their commitment to wrestling), when many thought that the Rock was making an appearance on Raw (now most of us knew that this wasn't true, because the Rock had said earlier in the day on Twitter that he would not be on Raw live).

To our surprise, it was the Miz dressed up like the Rock. People in the arena must have done double takes to realize it wasn't him from far away. Triple H is the only other person that comes to mind who has dressed up as the Rock, and had an impact (when DX impersonated the Nation).

The Miz, Del Rio and Brodus Clay then began beating down Cena, complete with the Miz delivering a Rock Bottom. Then, having the Miz beat Cena all the way up the ramp and hitting him into "W" on the stage was a nice way to finish the show. The Miz had clearly shown his strength by beating down Cena and mocking the Rock even further.

The Miz, Cena, Rock feud began a month ago, and now the momentum has clearly turned. The Miz was an after thought to begin with, but now he matters to the storyline. The Rock is clearly still on top, but the Miz is gaining ground.

Overall, John Cena may still beat the Miz at WrestlemMania, but for the first time since WrestleMania 21, I actually believe going in that Cena is vulnerable and could lose the match.

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