EPL Rumors: Is Dani Alves 90 Percent Certain of Being a Manchester City Player?

True BlueCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2011

Manchester City bound Alves
Manchester City bound AlvesDavid Ramos/Getty Images

To sum up how Dani Alves is thinking at the minute based on the public comments from him and his advisers are concerned would likely take no more than one sentence.

"I would love to stay at Barca, but they aren't making me feel loved enough to stay."

For about a year now, Manchester City have been telling Alves how much they would like him at the soon-to-be-renamed City of Manchester Stadium.

They have also spelled out how moving to Manchester would match both his emotional and financial needs.

And so it seems more likely now that the "in principle" deal that is in place will mean Alves is wearing the Sky Blue of City next season.

The ball is still in Barcelona's court, and if they were to bend to the needs of the player, he would stay another year at least. But in doing that, Alves would lose any chance of playing at City in the future.

I am told, though, that Alves will be a City player and that the house-hunting has begun.

He may well be playing alongside another Spain-based Brazilian international, as well.