Fred Jackson: The Counterpunch To Marshawn Lynch's Beast Mode

Jeremy Pike@JeremyNPikeCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2008

When the Buffalo Bills drafted Marshawn Lynch back in 2007, the intention was for him to eventually be the main running back for the Bills rushing back. Along with him were Anthony Thomas, and a running back who graduated from Division III Coe College and spent time over in NFL Europa by the name of Fred Jackson. Fast forward to week 4 of the 2008 NFL season and we see that both Lynch and Jackson, fondly known as Beast Mode and Action Jackson respectively, are key cogs in Turk Schonert's offense.

They have similar strengths, both are quick runners with moves, willing to make contact, and can catch out of the backfield. They are interchangeable and inseparable. There have been times throughout this season where both are on the field at the same time. Schonert also does not have to change the way the offense plays dependent on whoever is the running back. Both backs can run the same plays and make it work.

Beast Mode and Action Jackson are both key to the Bills' success this year. Without one, the other will not be as effective. They spell each other and keep each other fresh for a potent rushing attack that continues through the entire game. If the Bills are going to win the AFC East, both Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson have to be successful as a tag team both as rushers and receivers. Through four weeks, it appears that Turk Schonert has adopted this philosophy and is spreading the ball between them effectively.

It appears to be working as well, as both players appear to be running as well if not better late in the game which has helped the Bills to be so dominant and pull out three straight games where they were behind to start the fourth. Schonert has a great thing going with these two and he should not do anything to change it except to get the offensive line run blocking more effectively. When that occurs, both will benefit and be able to take over games.


In short, Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson are tag team partners who work together to help keep the 2008 edition of the Buffalo Bills running on all cylinders and allow Trent Edwards to attack defenses through the air.