Matt Bryant Overcomes Tragedy For Tampa Bay Win

Tosten HeathSenior Analyst IFebruary 5, 2017

Yes, it sounds like a movie. It does seem to be styled for the silver screen. David Anspaugh would dramatize it.

But movie analogies just do not do the story of Matt Bryant justice.

Of course, that image of Bryant blowing a kiss to the heavens would look great on a film poster above the words, "Based on a True Story." There is no question that it would pull in a solid opening weekend.

The emblem is beautifully, tear-jerkingly stunning; I understand. Heck, Leonardo would paint it. Smack it up on a fresco, and it would make the Mona Lisa cry.

But is that really enough?

True, Bryant's chronicle reads like a parable. Sophocles would characterize him; although it might not fit in with Greek drama; to call it a tragedy would be an understatement.

No matter though, this is not reel. It is real.

Matt Bryant buried his three-month-old son Saturday. His child died. No one is aware of how. Everyone is trying to understand why.

Matt Bryant buried the Green Bay Packers Sunday. He contributed 12 points to Tampa Bay's third win. No one is aware of how Bryant overcame such emotion to perform. Everyone understands why.

"I wanted to honor Tryson's name," Bryant said.

There is no question that he did that and more. As Tryson lay six feet under in peace, his father was kicking 83 yards in field goals, attempting to reach that same state.

Is a shiny new three-and-one record sufficient to accomplish this? "It worked out OK. Could've been better. I don't know what I needed."

Jon Gruden has a good start. "You have to pray for him."

Needing divine intervention? Again, this is sounding like a Greek trilogy.

"I think he needed the game. He needed football," Gruden said. Isn't that the lesson from Rudy?

I think it is clear how Hollywood, or Athens, or the Vatican, for that matter, Matt Bryant's plot is. Are you ready to buy your ticket?

That is, if you think a man who just lost his child needs to see his face in a theater near you.