Miles Gets Les Credit: LSU, Coach Deserve More Respect

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2008

Call me a LSU "homer," but there is a time when you have to give credit where credit is due.

In 2007, LSU won the national championship, and when the 2008 rankings were released LSU was ranked No. 7 in the AP and No. 6 in the Coaches polls. On the other hand, Alabama was ranked No. 24 in the AP and was not ranked in the Coaches.

After Week Five, LSU is ranked third in the AP with no No. 1 votes, while Alabama is second with 21 votes for No. 1, and in the Coaches, LSU is ranked No. 2 with one vote for No. 1, while Alabama is ranked fourth with two votes for No. 1.

This comes down to one thing—the coaches. For some reason, the media loves Nick Saban and portrays him to be some type of football god, while Les Miles rarely gets the respect he deserves.

Do not get me wrong, I am thankful for Nick Saban because the guy made LSU relevant, but I am also thankful he left. At first, I was unsure about Les Miles, but after three years and a national title, coach Miles has proven to be an icon of college football.

Many LSU fans preferred Saban's military style of coaching, but coach Miles has proven that being a players' coach can be just as effective. Also, coach Miles understands that one of the keys of success is to surround yourself with quality assistant coaches.

Since coach Miles came to LSU, many fans thought he was winning with Saban's talent, but it takes a good coach to win with anyone's players. After all, no matter what, it takes a good coach to get any player to play to his potential.

In 2005, Miles finished 11-2, won the SEC West and beat Miami in the Peach Bowl, 40-3. In 2006, his team finished 11-2, came out second in the West, and beat Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl, 41-14. Then, in 2007, he finished 12-2 with a SEC championship and a national championship in which his team beat OSU, 38-24. So far in 2008, his team is 4-0. With a total record of 38-6, Les Miles has won 82 percent of his games as head coach of LSU.

Don't forget that in Miles' first season, Louisiana was hit by two tragic hurricanes. His team had a lot to overcome, and it did. Also, last year everyone was certain Michigan would offer Miles the head coaching job and he would accept. Being the loyal person he is, Miles did not accept the coaching position at Michigan.

All of a sudden, Saban is getting all the coverage and is becoming more of a media darling than he ever was, yet Miles got more coverage than ever when he was supposed to go to Michigan but didn't. I guess Saban is a drama queen and gives the the media stories, whereas Miles really does not buy into the hype.

After all, when Saban left LSU, he held a press conference on Christmas Day. The guy strives for attention.

The point here is that Miles represents what college football should be about, and it needs to be pointed out more so the nation will give him credit for more than what he does on the field.