NFL Mock Draft 2011: What's the Deal With Cam Newton?

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NFL Mock Draft 2011: What's the Deal With Cam Newton?
Kent Horner/Getty Images

It seems as though March Madness is not a term reserved exclusively for the description of college basketball.

The NFL is "enjoying" its own version of early-spring insanity, in the form of suits in federal court filed by the players, who are seeking to prevent the owners from instituting a lockout. Nonetheless, when it comes to reconciling the 2011 NFL Draft and the current labor meltdown going in the league, one motto seems to stand true:

No union, no problem!

The draft will proceed as planned at the end of April, with or without an agreement between the players and the owners, much less a union.

And just as the league's labor situation continues to leave the season in doubt, so too does the projection of picks in the draft become cloudier, not clearer, even (and perhaps especially) as the procession of Pro Days marches on.

More material with which to evaluate a player does not necessarily mean more certainty, for mock draft folks or the people actually making the selections. Nonetheless, let's have a look at how things appear to be shaking out amidst rampant talk of the Big Dance.

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