Time for an Intervention: TNA Wrestling Needs to Fire Jeff Hardy

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIMarch 14, 2011

This lunatic needs to go.
This lunatic needs to go.

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling has had its share of problems over the years. Once thought of as the company that would give the WWE its first real competition since WCW, it has spiraled down into a product that is lower than the amount of talent that Ke$ha possesses. (That means they are lower than nothing for all you Ke$ha homers.)

Yet throughout the problems, I and other IWC members have stuck with the company, with the hope that they will pull off something miraculous and become the company we all envisioned. Sadly, this has yet to happen, and yesterday during Victory Road, I saw that the transformation from potential threat to the WWE to rock bottom is complete.

I could go on about the Knockout’s transformation to nothing more than whores pretending to wrestle, or how the X-Division has faded in obscurity; however, I’m not going to do that because those problems have been written about by countless authors. Those problems are reversible if TNA just focuses on making the product better. However, there is one problem that stands out from the rest: his name is Jeff Hardy and he is a disgrace to the name of wrestling.  

I used to love Jeff Hardy. His brother Matt and he used to awe me as a child with their high-flying moves and quick-paced matches. Matt is a whole different story of crazy that has, for now, taken a back seat to his brother. It’s kind of funny, Matt was always overshadowed by his brother in the WWE and even though they both have drug problems, Jeff’s problem is still overshadowing Matt’s.

All kidding aside, Jeff is an epidemic that is not necessarily leading to the death of TNA, but is definitely speeding up the process. He has done nothing but cause problems for TNA, and yesterday was the last straw for my hope for TNA.

For those of you who don’t know what happened (*Spoiler Alert*), Jeff showed up to the Victory Road last night more drunk than five Stone Cold Steve Austins put together. TNA management made the decision to let Jeff wrestle anyways, which his opponent, Sting, did not want. So TNA made an even more stupid decision, which was to shorten the main event match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship so that Jeff wouldn’t be hurt during the match.

For the thousands in attendance and the thousands who bought the pay-per-view, hard-earned money was wasted on a main event match that was only a little over a minute long. The fans were disappointed and screwed out of their minds. This was both the fault of TNA management and Jeff Hardy, and that is why TNA desperately needs to fire Jeff Hardy. Before they can focus on their other problems, they need to cut the head off of their epidemic.

This is not the first time Jeff has done something like this.

He showed up to another pay-per-view a few months back under the influence and was replaced in the main event. TNA is having major booking problems and cannot afford to have to change their plans at the last minute because of the antics of a pot-head. Until TNA gives Jeff his walking papers, I propose a boycott of TNA wrestling. That includes buying the pay-per-views, watching the shows and buying the merchandise. This may not do anything, but I know that I am not going to stand for this company while they continue to make stupid decisions that will eventually run the company into the ground.

Once TNA gets rid of Jeff Hardy, they can focus on fixing their other problems. The Knockout’s have been improving with the addition of Mickie James, but it still needs a lot of work. It is the same with the once-proud X-Division.  

TNA can be saved, and it can be the company we once thought it could be. It has dug itself into a deep hole, however, and the first step to recovery is admitting they have a problem. Once they fire Jeff Hardy, I will come back to watch them hopefully get better. If they don’t let him go, then they will have lost a fan they have had since 2005.