Toronto Raptors News: Nathan Jawai Unfit for Duty, Jamal Sampson Enlisted

Sang NguyenCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2008

Whoops, wrong Sampson.

News got out earlier today that recent Toronto draft pick Nathan Jawai was unceremoniously dumped from training camp practice on the grounds of a heart irregularity found during a cardio session.

That's just perfect for the big expected to fill a void if Jermaine O'Neal ever gets injured. Oh well, better to find out now than have him huff and puff about the court in an actual game.

Or, worse yet—die out on the court because Raptors management chose to overlook his condition.

So, who replaces him? Why, the great Jamal Sampson, of course. Son of the esteemed Ralph Sampson, little Jamal brings with him a 6'11", 235-lb. frame and has averaged an astoundingly cerebral two ppg in 72 appearances in the NBA before going off to greener, though more smog-filled, pastures in China and running with the Liaoning Hunters.

Yep, those Liaoning Hunters. The one owned by the Liaoning Panpan Corporation, esteemed manufacturer of theft-proof doors.

So, Raptors nation—what does this all mean? Absolutley diddly. Nathan Jawai was a long shot at ever being part of any nine-man rotation for the foreseeable future, in Toronto or elsewhere, and Jamal Sampson is just another body to put out on the scrimmage court.

Still, everyone has to agree it was nice to learn O'Neal really got into shape, losing a reported 15 lbs. Less weight on those knees is always good news.