March Madness 2011 Bracket: The Top 16 Tournament Look-Alikes

Jack LondonCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2017

March Madness 2011 Bracket: The Top 16 Tournament Look-Alikes

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    It was tough to think of how many tournament look-alikes I wanted to do.

    Then I thought about a number that March Madness is known for, which is tough because the whole tournament is numbers-oriented.

    But, arguably the phrase that is associated with March Madness more often than not is the "Sweet 16".

    Gotta love it.

    So, without further adieu, I'm going to give the Sweet 16 of tournament look-alikes...

Gary McGhee and Britney Griner

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    Well, you can't deny the similarities...

    They are both centers.

    They are both taller than average human beings.

    And that hair?

    Well, what can I say?

    (Special thanks to Matt King on this one...)

Kyle Singler and Jason Flemyng

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    Flemyng is British.

    So what?

    And that picture of Singler?


    (Matt King, you are the man...seriously...although I didn't know Felmyng was in that movie...)

Jacob Pullen and Mr. T

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    Fear the beard.

    That's all I have to say.

    Fear the beard.

    Oh, and pity the fool.

    Ok, it's a sue me.

Ben Hansborough and Chet Haze

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    Tom Hanks son recently came out with a version of the "black and yellow" song by Wiz Khalifa.

    So he's got some talent.

    Ben could lead Notre Dame to the Final Four.

    So he has some talent.

    And they look alike.

    Great, no?

    (Special thanks to Matt King...again!)

Tyler Zeller and Matt Damon...Sort Of.

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    Maybe this is a stretch.

    But the nose...well, knows.

    Right Matt?

    Let's just hope that Zeller doesn't put on that thing that Damon puts on his neck at the end of the movie to attract the head of security at the hotel.

    The ladies would be all over Zeller if that happens.


    (Thanks to Bennett Spector).

Jimmer Fredette and Ben Savage

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    This goes way beyond looks.

    For those that don't recognize Savage, he starred in a TV sitcom from the 90's called "Boy Meets World."

    Those words pretty much describe Jimmer.

    Or maybe it should be, "World, meet Boy."

Jon Diebler and McLovin

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    I'm not going to put McLovin's real name. No point.

    I mean, again the similarities go way beyond looks and goofy smiles.

    They both have major skills.

    Diebler can hit threes.

    McLovin? He makes killer fake licenses.

    That's just the surface though. I could do a whole slide show on the other similarities.

    Can someone put some glasses on Diebler?

Marcus Morris and Cuba Gooding Jr.

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    I can definitely see Marcus Morris saying, "I Want Both."

    (A quote from the movie "Radio," for those that haven't seen it.)

    And plus, they do kind of look like each other, don't they?

Bruce Weber and Steve Martin

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    Maybe a bit of a stretch here, but I was going more for the face look-alike.

    And maybe Weber's hair will look like Martin's in a few years.

    And if he starts doing crazy things on the sidelines this March...well...

Nick Parsons and Kevin Jonas

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    Ok, so it's a bit of a stretch here.

    But the hair?

    C'mon! You have to admit the similarities!!!!

Isaiah Thomas...and Isiah Thomas

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    I mean, they are both (or were) point guards who were smaller than the competition, but played with big hearts.

    They both have great smiles too...

    It's like they have the same name!


Tu Holloway and Chris Rock

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    Holloway has been quite a revelation for the Musketeers this year.

    He definitely makes them a chic pick to get to the Sweet 16 or even the Elite Eight.

    But as much as he does for Xavier, if he started cracking jokes, like Rock, he'd leave his opponents on the floor.

    It may be easier than trying a crossover.

Jim Calhoun and Michael Caine

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    It's probably the nose.

    I mean, nationality aside, you have to admit they look similar.

Derrick Williams and Ludacris

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    Williams has a smooth game. He doesn't shoot a lot, but he hits a high percentage of shots and leads the Wildcats in scoring.

    And Ludacris?

    He just appears on like every major pop song and sings the bridge.

    If Williams only does that for Arizona in the tourney, they're in trouble.

Santa Barbera Mascot and Jack Black

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    Jack Black from Nacho Libre that is.

    Sure, Black never sports a hat quite that awesome, but the totally exaggerated 'stache on the Gauchos' mascot can only be equaled by the Mexican version of Jack Black.

    I'm going to go put on my sweats.

Keith Benson and Snoop Dogg

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    Take away the dreadlocks, the fact that he's younger than Snoop, a forward for Oakland (a possible upset pick over Texas), and you can't deny the similarity.

    Okay so maybe you can.

    Fo Shizzle.