Maples Leafs-Blues Stats: Individual Efforts Saved The Day

Mark MakuchCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2008

Three Cheers for Schenn!

Three hits (game high).

Plus-three on the night (also a game high).

Three head fakes before potting the winner.


The Good

Two goals for Hagman on four shots.

Six shots by Kaberle—a good sign, even if none went in (a record, I am sure).

Two blocked shots by Grabovski.  Good to see him stepping up on the defensive end.

No power-play goals against.

Five shots by Antropov, plus four blocked.  Good to see him active in front of the net.


The Not So Good

Four fewer shots blocked than St. Louis (19-15).

13 takeaways by the Blues. Way too many.

Five fewer hits (13-8).

31 shots against.  Too many!

No power-play goals for.

17:52—the amount of ice time Ponikarovsky needed to register no shots, no hits, and one giveaway.  (The assist was a fluke.)

36-percent faceoffs won by Alex Steen

23-percent faceoffs won by Grabovski (is there such thing as a face-off coach???)

Six attempted shots blocked on Kubina.  None got through.