Pro Wrestling: Heroes of Wrestling Past: The Lethal Weapon, Steve Blackman

Nick BolyardContributor IIIMarch 14, 2011

Not to be confused with a certain other writer's history lessons, Heroes of Wrestling Past is back.  This week we will look at a man who makes Chuck Norris look like a girl scout.  That man of course is none other than The Lethal Weapon, Steve Blackman.  Blackman's tenure in WWE never got him into the main event but every time he was on-screen, special things were going to happen.

Blackman's start with WWE would be a bit delayed.  After going to South Africa, he caught malaria.  (Who purposely goes to South Africa for any reason?)  Lucky for us, Blackman beat malaria with a stick, like he would so, so, so many people.  Blackman took four years to get back into shape, where he used martial arts to help him regain lost muscle mass.  It wouldn't be long before he got Brian Pillman and Owen Hart to hook him up with a new WWF tryout.  

Blackman debuted in November of 1997 to help Vadar beat up some Canadians.  He would then join the Team USA Survivor Series team to lose to Team Canada (damn you Sydney Crosby!)  This would be the most important event at the 1997 Survivor Series in Montreal.  Nothing else happened that night...nothing.  

Blackman would then have a short-lived partnership with Ken Shamrock to take on the Nation.  He then turned and joined Shane McMahon.  This is when Blackman began using his toys.  He brought them with him to the ring.  These would be weapons such as kendo sticks, nunchucks and various other fun things.  

These two would have some great matches, such as the Circle of Death match in a parking lot, where they were surrounded by cars.  This all culminated in a Lion's Den match at Summerslam, with a twist.  Weapons were put all around the cage.  It was nuts!

Blackman was then paired with Al Snow.  This duo became known as the best tag team ever, Head Cheese!   They put on some hilarious segments, although they sadly never won the tag team titles.  Lame.  Snow then wanted Blackman to branch out on his own, which would lead to Blackman becoming the king of the Hardcore division.

Blackman became a very feared man.  With the 24/7 rule still in effect, people were either too scared or not good enough to defeat Blackman's crazy martial arts.  However, with a little help from four other guys, including Edge, Christian and Test (CANADA STRIKES AGAIN!), Shane McMahon won the title.  

Commissioner Mick Foley would suspend the 24/7 rule so Shane-O-Mac had to defend the title against Black at Summerslam 2000.  Defend he would!   During the match they climbed the side of the 50-foot titantron.  Blackman hit McMahon with a Singapore cane, and Shane fell into a container below.  Blackman performed an elbow drop off the titantron and won the match.  In late 2000, he lost the title on a more permanent basis to Raven.

Blackman formed a short-lived tag team with the greatest wrestler ever, Grandmaster Sexay.  However, WWE dropped the ball and released him in 2001, with Blackman sadly following in 2002, due to injury.  

Blackman then opened Black Fighting Systems.  This school taught self defense, MMA and pro wrestling.  To this day it is still open, and Blackman has even hosted MMA events, as a part of the Pennsylvania Fighting Championship.  

Sadly, the next time Blackman would resurface is in 2007 to talk about Chris Benoit and the double murder suicide.  Later in the year, he appeared on the 15th Anniversary of Raw in the battle royal, only to be eliminated by Flash Funk.  That's wack!  Also, Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman had man-crushes on him during NxT.  

Thanks for reading this week's edition of Heroes of Wrestling Past!  Hope you enjoyed it.  Please feel free to leave your Steve Blackman memories below; also let me know who you want featured on the next Heroes of Wrestling Past!  Thanks again!