Real Madrid: 10 Players Who Could Ignite a 2nd Galacticos Era

James WillisAnalyst IMarch 14, 2011

Real Madrid: 10 Players Who Could Ignite a 2nd Galacticos Era

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    Any football fan should remember one of the greatest eras in Real Madrid history. The Galacticos (Superstars) era, around in the early 2000's, was one of the finest in most modern football fans' memories.

    Maybe it was a publicity stunt by the club, but it really did pay off.

    The team won multiple trophies during the era and did it with flair and style that excited football fans the world over.

    The team contained greats like Roberto Carlos, Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo, David Beckham and Ronaldo.

    Recently, however, Barcelona have overtaken Real Madrid in terms of quality, and it is guaranteed to be very difficult for Madrid to overturn their Spanish rivals.

    Here, however, is a list of 10 players who could prove to be the start of a new Galactico's era at the club.

Gareth Bale

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    Current Club: Tottenham Hotspur

    Age: 21

    Position: Left winger

    Reason: Tottenham's Welsh sensation has been picking up the headlines all season, and deservedly so.

    The youngster's hat trick at the San Siro in the Champions League group stages placed him firmly on the map in European football.

    Since then, his form has gone from strength to strength, with many European scouts rumoured to have been spotted at the club's games.

    Some rumours have gone so far as to suggest that Real Madrid could offer as high as £70 million to get Bale out of North London.

Rafael/Fabio Da Silva

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    Current Club: Manchester United

    Age: 20 (Both twins)

    Position: Right Back (Rafael), Left Back (Fabio)

    Reason: The young Brazilian twins have been causing quite a stir recently with some of their performances.

    Rafael is the more prominent of the two, but Fabio is also hugely talented.

    While the pair may take a small while to be able to be the best full backs in the world, they definitely have the potential to fulfil that role.

    In fact, Rafael has drawn comparison's to Roberto Carlos in the past and praise does not come much higher than that for a full back.

Thomas Muller

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    Current Club: Bayern Munich

    Age: 21

    Position: Attacking Midfielder/Striker

    Reason: With the Bundesliga quickly becoming one of the strongest leagues in Europe, it seems a long shot that Thomas Muller would leave Munich to join Real Madrid, but stranger things have happened.

    The striker was the Golden Boot winner at the 2010 FIFA World Cup as well as being named Best Young Player of the tournament.

    Since the World Cup he has been a significant player in a strong Bayern Munich side and could well prove to be a smart acquisition by any club.

Samir Nasri

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    Current Club: Arsenal

    Age: 23

    Position: Attacking Midfielder

    Reason: Real Madrid already have a strong midfield, but very few teams would turn down Samir Nasri.

    It may be a strange move to make, but Real Madrid have already managed to force Cristiano Ronaldo out of Manchester United, so there's no reason they couldn't force Arsenal's star midfielder out of a move too.

    Nasri has had a spectacular season in the Premier League, with some people calling him the player of the season so far.

    The player has all the right qualities to be a hit in European football and would no doubt prove a solid purchase for Real Madrid.

Mario Balotelli

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    Current Club: Manchester City

    Age: 20

    Position: Striker

    Reason: Mario Balotelli is one of the most talked about young players in the world right now.

    This may be largely because of his egotistical personality but is partly attributable to the form he has shown for Manchester City this past season.

    The Italian youngster has made it clear that Manchester City is not a part of his long-term plans and so a move could well be on the horizon for the striker already.

    If Mourinho has a change of heart over Balotelli since their time together at Inter, then the young Italian could be the start of a new Galacticos era at Madrid.


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    Current Club: Santos

    Age: 19

    Position: Striker

    Reason: Another one of the most talked about youngsters in the world right now, Neymar has already made two appearances for Brazil at just 19.

    He looks set to be a key part in their international set-up for years to come, and having made his mark so early is very impressive.

    In his seven appearances for Brazil's Under-20 squad, he has scored nine goals and been proving his remarkable talent.

    If Real Madrid could agree on a fee for the striker, then there is no reason he couldn't prove to be the beginning of a new Galacticos era.

Didier Drogba

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    Current Club: Chelsea

    Age: 33

    Position: Striker

    Reason: As one of the older players on this list, Drogba is also one of the most experienced.

    While it's a long shot that Madrid may approach Drogba to start a new Galacticos era, the club will be fully aware of the talent that the player has, despite being off form recently.

    It is unlikely that anything will happen here largely because of his age, but if Real Madrid are looking for a big name to kick off a new Galactico's era, then Drogba being unsettled at Chelsea could be great news for them.

Sergio Aguero

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    Current Club: Atletico Madrid

    Age: 22

    Position: Striker

    Reason: Another young striker that may take Real Madrid's fancy is Sergio Aguero, despite him playing for their local rivals.

    With Atletico strapped for cash, rumours have suggested that the club offered Aguero and Forlan to Tottenham for a combined fee of £40 million, meaning they may be willing to let Aguero leave at the right price.

    There may be better options for Real Madrid and better options for Sergio Aguero, but as is well-known in the footballing world, stranger things have happened.

Lewis Holtby

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    Current Club: FSV Mainz 05 (on loan from Schalke 04)

    Age: 20

    Position: Winger

    Reason: It's a long shot and it would be a big gamble for Madrid to take.

    Holtby has not proved himself at the highest level yet, but has shown glimpses of huge potential that could attract any club in the world.

    The 20-year-old isn't quite a huge name around the world either, which could also put Real Madrid off if they are trying to start a new Galactico's era.

    With that said, the club may be willing to take a gamble and build for the future, in which case Lewis Holtby would be a good bet.

Marek Hamsik

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    Current Club: Napoli

    Age: 23

    Position: Attacking Midfielder

    Reason: The Slovakian national team captain drew much attention following some strong performances at the World Cup and has shown a lot of potential.

    At 23, Hamsik has started gathering much valuable experience although has lacked playing in European competitions.

    Like Lewis Holtby, the signing of Marek Hamsik could be a risk for Real Madrid, especially with such a strong midfield already, but if they do want to build for the future and take a gamble, then Hamsik would be another player that Madrid may take a look at.