Florida-Arkansas: Five Ways for the Gators to Beat the Razorbacks

Michael OleszekAnalyst ISeptember 30, 2008

When the Gators Are on Offense

Let It Rip

Please, please, please take the shackles off Tim Tebow and the rest of the offense. Much like the USC Trojans of a few years ago, the Gators are equipped with a great QB and a dynamic multi-purpose threat. They also have a decent supporting cast of playmakers, much like those same Trojans.

The only difference is that Florida shows only flashes of brilliance with their offense, and it's time for a change. This is the game to unleash the Ferrari of an offense that has looked like a Kia at times this season.


Fulfill the Role

The Gator offense was looked at to carry the team this season while the defense got its feet underneath them. The exact opposite has been true, as the defense has carried the team so far, while the offense has struggled to find a rhythm.

This needs to be the week that the offensive ship rights itself. They put up 30 points and over 400 yards last week, which is a step in the right direction.


When the Gators are on Defense

Open the Floodgates

Arkansas' offensive line is terrible. They can't pass block, and they can't run block. Florida's defense has played relatively well this season, minus a few plays from last Saturday.

Bobby Petrino's offense is still a year away from anything resembling the ones he ran at Louisville, and it should be very vulnerable to a variety of pressure from Brandon Spikes and the rest of the Gator D.


Develop a Short Memory

Relax. This isn't going to be Ole Miss Part Two this week. Ole Miss has better weapons on offense than Arkansas does, and the big plays the defense gave up last week should be nonexistent this week.

This is a perfect opportunity to tighten up any areas on defense in preparation for the showdown with LSU.


As a Team

Forget Last Week

You lost. At home. To Ole Miss. Blah, blah, blah. Quit crying about it and get back to work. Do all the soul searching and promise making you want, but there are still plenty of things to be playing for: Pride, Wins, SEC East, SEC Title, and an outside chance at a National Title.

The schedule is manageable, and the talent is there to get to Miami. Dwelling on the Ole Miss loss will plague the rest of the season. Focusing on the tasks at hand could lead to a BCS game.


Final Score Prediction: Florida 56, Arkansas 3