Denver Broncos: A Season of Tough Breaks

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Denver Broncos: A Season of Tough Breaks
The Denver Broncos take their lumps and end the season 7-9 with a group that could've gotten 10 wins but injury was what killed the broncos who in my opinion should've had more then a 7-9 season the personnel for the broncos are great the defense needed touched up but honestly the season couldn't have gotten worse but denver should have finished with wins over The Pack who i admit are on the hottest streak next to the Pats....anyways back on subject and Devin Hester running all over the kick return squads. And if the broncos thought it couldn't get any worse Javon Walker wants out Rod Smith might end up retiring but there is a new year so better luck next year Mike Shanahan and The Broncos.
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Denver Broncos

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