Do Not Forget A.L. Teams That....

Alex PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2008

The last one game tie-breaker series winner went on to go to the World Series.Do you remember who it was? Well if you don't, you probably have a bad memory. The 2007 NLCS champion Colorado Rockies had won the one game tie breaker series in last years post season, in dramatic fashion.

The two teams going at it this year are the injury plagued Chicago White Sox and the ,who would have thought after losing Johan Santana,Minnesota Twins.These teams are both just as big as contenders as the other seven teams in the playoffs but, I feel the momentum of winning that tie-breaker game gives them the edge.

Personally I think Chicago will win especially after winning the game on the eighth inning grand slam from  Alexei Ramirez really secured the spot for them.

You also must remember that waiting for a game like this is killer to the other team, this time being Minnesota. If you have time to think about the series and listen and watch media coverage of this,and you better bet your ass that they were watching that grand slam enroll into the left field bleachers and then watched it over and over on ESPN.

As primarily a Boston writer I could care less because if wither of these teams can go in and defeat Tampa Bay power to them that just gives the Red Sox or Angels a guaranteed shot at October's top prize.


Lets hear predictions about this people! Let it off of your chest.