Red Sox Depart To L.A.A. For The Most Important Series Of 2008

Alex PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2008

On what is going to seem like the longest road trip in playoff history, the Boston Red Sox officially left with a send off of just over one thousand fans .

The rolling rally left Fenway Park yesterday afternoon, Josh Beckett was part of the festivities and left with the rest of the team.Where Josh Beckett didn't look

The best of five series starts Wednesday night in Anaheim at 10:00 Eastern time which for most Red Sox fans will be a horrible next morning especially if we lose!The series is being started by Red Sox miracle story Jon Lester who is a 16 game winner in 2008, but he is being opposed by John Lackey who absolutely kills the Red Sox every shot he gets.

In game two Daisuke Matsuzaka the Red Sox most winning pitcher in 2008 (looks to as all of that money was well spent),will oppose Ervin Santana who is the complete opposite of John lackey,horrible versus the Red Sox.Advantage Red Sox Nation.

Game three will come back to Boston which depending on how the Red Sox played in Anaheim, will be a make or break game in the most crucial series of the year.


What does Red Sox nation have to say about this? Tell me what you think is going to happen because right now I am on the fence about this series.