Mendenhall Out For Season, Are The Steelers In Trouble?

Eric DormanAnalyst ISeptember 30, 2008

The Pittsburgh Steelers were down by 10 points, and down to their last running back. Somehow they found a way to win the game against the high powered Ravens and with Mendenhall out, are the Steelers better off without him?

No, Rashard Mendenhall was one of those players I saw becoming a great a NFL Running back and one that could really make you play if you didn't catch him. The Steelers struggled in their win against the Ravens last night. The Ravens Defense controlled most of this game while Mendenhall was in, and lets face it the Ravens Defense is one of the best in the NFL and the one thing the Ravens on the defensive side have is speed. The speed to close the hole and the speed to rush the quatrback.

Although the Steelers won the game without their star running back, I am still a little bit conserned of how they will survive in the AFC with Mendanhall out for the season.

This is a big blow for the Steelers, who were looking like they were heading back in the right direction now that they had a highly talented running back.

Jeff Reeds 46 yard field goal kick won the game for the Steelers and the Steelers withstood two-season ending injuries to key players and a bad first half to beat the Ravens 23-20.